Nominations for Featured!


Thank you! I don't think that it's really feature-worthy, but thank you! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I seventh it! She did amazing on it.


I un-nominated it because you didn't think it was feature worthy @Gobli09




I nominate a project (again because it is so good) by @AnimePage221 ! It is so creative and fun! Please feature this @liza and @Rodrigo ! Thank you!


I self nominate my project "Sand Artist". It took me a long time to make, and it is really fun! It also has a loading screen with a joke/pun randomized, like in Hopscotch, but everything is related to the beach and ocean to go with the project.

Please take a look at this @Liza and @asha!


I nominate this project and it is made by a new Hopscotcher although the project isn't all that new:

Sorry for the confusing explanation. This project is five weeks old(which is old for a Project) and this is their first project and for a Hopscotcher, that is new.
Edit:This Hopscotcher isn't actually new. Sorry, this person started in July, 2016 But didn't actually post till May,2017. Which is a pretty easy mistake to accidentally skip over if you think about it.


I second this nomination.




This game is great!


I nominate these; by @grizzlyzoe and @Dylan329.


Thank you so much.

I second both of them XD


Aww thank you <333333


I nominate my own trail/shape art! It's ok, but I thought I'd give it a try to nominate it!


I want to nominate this too. It's a very nicely done trail art, and it's a great way to explain beginners the basics of trail art, because it's based on the tutorial video Hopscotch made. It looks like taken straight from a video game.


Thank you very much! I'm really glad you like it!!!


@Lisa1045 here it is, the topic!


I nominate "little town" by @PIANOMAN


I second or third the last four projects nominated.


I third both of these!