Nominations for Featured!


What? Did I get featured? I need to check HS now!
Thanks for congratulating me!


@Rodrigo and @Liza, I noticed that you updated rising. I'm just curious, but (the assumption that rising will be updated frequently) will featured quality rise due to those "lower quality" features which will now be uploaded onto rising?

Edit: Oh, is it true that rising automatically updates itself when featured hasn't been updated for a while?


I nominate this:


Oh, so that's why it never became updated.


Thanks @Gobli09 for seconding it!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I nominate this A-MAZ-ING trail art by @CreationsOfaNoob:


I nominate this Wolf pixel art by @MiNi


I second the pixel art and the trail art.


Amazing! I third it!


And I fourth it. :00


I fifth it! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Nom nom nom... sorry i was eating a piece of :cake: yeah i :six:th it


Thanks! :D


Thanks @BB-Box @FearlessPhoenix @IShallNotBeNamed @PandaBlossom @Finnnagaus @KayKat and @SummarianStudios!
I'm really proud of the project :blush:


Pretty cool
About to TEST IT!


No problem. I think it's awesome how you make those colour things with clones.


Yes, 7️⃣th it


@CreationsOfaNoob I nominated it too. (I seconded the trail art and the pixel art)


Thanks to you too! :D


Congratulations @AwesomeNachos on the featured!!!