Nominations for Featured!


I nominate this:

This project ft is awesome. When I first understood how it worked it where amazing.

#8008 nominate this


I second that! It's amazing!


I third this!


I fourth this. The coding is amazing :0


I fifth this. @CreationsOfaNoob this is awesome. It must get featured!


I nominate Texture Draw by Creations Of A Noob for featured, it's AMAZING


I seventh this. It's awesome!


I self nominate this

It is pretty original and shows the descriptions of all characters


I second that! It's actually pretty helpful, you don't have to read them all in the editor by pressing on them!


Sorry... I can't third it... I wouldn't really call it "original" because the character bios are copied but still a cool project! Would definitely recommend to someone...


Well I say original because it wasn't exactly created on HS before but yeh I did pretty much just rewrite the character bios.
But hey... I don't think it has been made before XD


You have a good point XD. I third that nomination!


Is okay if I renominate this? No one really saw it because another nomination was put on top of it instantly...


I second this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Sadly, with two player games like that, you can't really hold and drag both paddles at once :confused:


Yeah! I totally agree with you! However, you know how Creations Of A Noob published a project about setting touch to last x and y without putting it directly in the middle of your finger? Maybe that will work!


Maybe who knows XD
You could always try.


Nom and for.
Thirding that...


My project or @Dylan329 's project?


I self-nominate my updated project "Sherlock Holmes (theme song+pixel art) v. 2.0". :D
I think you saw the old version of this project. It wasn't very good, I understand. But this version contains two more parts of this theme, so it's the full version. I hopscotchifed and edited this song, so now it sounds pretty good! :slight_smile:
I think you understand how many time I spent making this project.
Please listen to it. You won't regret, I promise. Thanks! :smiley: