Nominations for Featured!


Please make this featured this is the best!


Please stop spamming that.


@CreativeCavoodle my username is OfficialHopscotchRemixer On Hopscotch.
But it was to long to be a forum name so I chose HopscotchRemixer as I am more normally called anyways. Maybe I will switch it to OHR​:thinking:??


I nominate this:

It looks pretty well coded and I like the color gradients. +I don't this Hopscotcher has got a feature before.


I agree with @NindroidGames, it was published a long time ago and it's not featured yet, so I don't think it will get featured now. So please stop spam.ming it.
Do some changes instead and try to get it to featured again..


:slight_smile:️thank you very much


Welcome to the forum @Carlique


Hi! Welcome.
Also wutttt


I nominate:


By me.
The spaceship simulator is actually functioning and very detailed. I believe that they are both featured worthy, but which is better?


I second both nominations


I nominate this


I self nominate my

I worked pretty hard at the pixel art and added some music.


I second that! My sound hasn't been working on hopscotch so I couldn't hear the music, but the pixel art is fantastic!


Thank you. The sound isn't the greatest becuase hopscotch don't have all tunes but I did much.


I third that! :grin:


I fourth this. It's very well made.


Thank you @Gobli09 and @Finnnagaus!


I Fifth this! Cool! Art+Music :blush:


I have actually not seen this project yet, it looks so cool! I get so amazed by this project. I sixth this nomination!


I Self Nominate This:

This is my fourth and final version of the game and I hope everyone enjoys it!