Nominations for Featured!


I nominate
XD jk


I nominate The Utopia's :scream: EMOJI ICE CREAM


I nominate this by @Dylan329
It's very cool, and nicely pixelated.


I really really want this to be featured, I worked incredibly hard on it :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, so my project glitched out and is right at the bottom of featured :(


I second this nomination


That's sad... maybe you could fix it. Then I'd nominate the fixed version :)


What do you mean? Fix?


Cuz it glitches. Maybe you could fix the glitch.. or ask THT to fix it


It doesn't glitch :slight_smile:
It's just slow, and and laggy. I've already asked THT and they said that they're going to try and fix it.

Ooh, maybe they are fixing it, and when it's fixed it goes on featured? @FearlessPhoenix


If it doesn't get featured, I'm nominating it! Definitely! @BlastFusion :slight_smile:


Just sent an email about solutions to the lag.


I twentysecond it!!!


This is a bit off topic. Should we carry it to my topic?


I 3rd this nomination


I nominate DylanBarrett's Side Swapper



I Third it, @Dylan329!

THT may be on their Easter break.


I 4th it!


I nominate The Real Funkey 63's Gocart.


I nominate @FearlessPhoenix 's DragonClub Challenge