Nominations for Featured!

It's quite a...unique Defuse The Bomb game! With clues on what to do! And it was on newest.


I was going to nominate that one!


I think sir sprinkles game templet the hopscotch team liked it but it did not get fetured!

I nominate @Gilbert189's "Hacker Simulator". I couldn't pick between this one and the other one by him, so I did both.


But isn't every project on newest? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Swift771 and I's Astro Dance! Here it is!




It was published 27 sec ago :wink:


@asha - One of these are mine, the rest are other people's! This is a great idea!

Me- (Pixel Art) -
Um, I just worked really hard on this...
MasterMind Creations -
This spongebob text art is the COOLEST!
This art is amazing!

Creations of a Noob-
This is like minecraft!
Swift771 -
This logo is simply refreshing...
I will frequently be on here!




@asha Please add @kenlauescuadro's Astral when it comes out


@asha thanks for putting this up! If I see a project I love, I'll post it her :wink:


@JonnyGamer your Flappymoji game is already on featured.


I don't get it lol


Oh. I was confused!! Sorry.


I nominate... Gravity Cube v1.2!!


Explain it exactly....



I nominate Star Girl's Mini Games™ and Make-A-House 4.0. Star Girl's Mini Games™ doesn't come out until Valentine's Day, though. Make-A-House 4.0 came out just now. And our forum username is always the same as our Hopscotch username. It would be really cool to get on Featured. I like the fact that you are nominating projects for Featured. We will add the link once the projects come out. I may even finish Star Girl's Mini Games™ earlier now because of this topic.

Here is the link for Make-A-House 5.0:


Shooting star simulator
This project is really cool but you might not think it Should go on featured but I love it!


I want to get on featured but I don't know what to make to get there