Nominations for Featured!


@138509 Welcome to the forum!

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Things to remember!

Always be nice - no one likes being treated badly! Treat people the way you would wanna be treated!

Don't start flamewars - This one's obvious, but don't start flamewars. Flamewars are basically HUGE arguments in topics!

Don't tag too much - people don't really like it when their constantly tagged! You can tag people every once in a while, but not every post! :wink:

Ask for help when you need it - Don't keep wondering if your program will stink! Ask for help!

The trust levels!

@trust_level_0 - The starting level for everyone.

@trust_level_1 - This one you will get quick, it gives you basic features for everything!

@trust_level_2 - Not much of a difference, but a couple new features!

@trust_level_3 - WOAH! This ones a toughy! You need to be on for 50 days within a 100 day timeframe, and read 20k posts, but this proves your a real hopscotchers

@trust_level_4 - no one can get this right now.

P.S. you can tag me any time!


I nomanate money taper @Blackbutter


Welcome to the Forum! Tag me @JojoDude if you need anything fren, I'll be right there to help!


Can you give a link to the project?





@138509 you should make a topic saying you're new


I nominate my project. This is my first actual project on my new account


I really like it, but it seems kind of simple


Yeah, I think they could! I wish my game got on featured!




I nominate @DinoProductions's (I know that looks grammatically incorrect) trail art for national children day! It's a beautiful trail art that definitely deserves featured!


I'd like to self nominate my game WindBreaker
There's link ^


U might have to play it a few times to get good at it ^


I nominate my own Cake Baking Game it took days to finish. I hope you enjoy it!


I second that nomination!


I nominate a thx giving day project !

This one wait
It is really fun
Thx @IShallNotBeNamed u liked it just found out @fruitymilkshake told me
@Zachyswag @CreationsOfaNoob @BB-Box @CreativeCoder @Candycane @HPMForum


Of course. I like any awesome projects I see.
It is awesome.


I nominate @Skyarmygenral's Dodge game!

It should be featured!

Here's the link:


I second that nomination