Nominations for Featured!


@Phase_Admin You're being very rude. Why would you say stuff like that. Even if it is true, which it is true that the majority does not get on featured, @PrincessBunny1 has never gotten on featured (I don't think so at least) and she just wants to try to get on featured.


Just make a project different from all the rest :slight_smile:


Don't be like that. You'll get on one of these days!


Guys please GBOT and please don't be offensive to anyone, anyone can get on featured if they try really hard and never give up


Hey dude... just be nice...

Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



Can I nominate my own project:
I hope you like it!


You can nominate your own projects! It's called self-nominating!


@Liza do not close this topic as the topic is fine but check out some of da stuff phase admin has said which has upset others mainly @PrincessBunny1 who is very sweet and hasn't done anything wrong....


Hey Phase, I've noticed you've been acting this way lately. It won't solve anyone's problems and it's not okay. :D

I think something's bothering you.

Do you want to talk?

Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]

Maybe you should talk in another topic. Let's GBOT!


I know, I meant on another topic :wink:


Pastel Rainbow Draw



User: AwesomeNachos :D
:pizza:Pizza Pixel Art!:pizza:
User: @IShallNotBeNamed
Trail Art Portrait (Me!)
Coffee Trail Art


Woah this is aweosme!! I also nominate it!


Cool @Liza saw that! :smiley:


Congratulations @DancingDINO123, @Dylan329, and KOOLJstudios on featured! Your projects are all amazing and they deserved it! :smile:


New featured???? Cool gonna check it out!


You will.


Sorry for the self nomination but I nominate my Chillqna Spring !! I find it quite cool !!
Here is the link :
Please consider this !!