Nominations for Featured!


Thank you so much for third-nominating it!!!


Thank you sooo much for nominating my game DOT for number one on featured I Appreciate Y'all for this support and plan to make a new game when DOT HIts 10,000 likes




Are you allowed to nominate your own?
If yeah..
Then I nominate my Trending project,
Personality Matcher!
Ohh it worked :DDD


I'm making a game It will be similar to DOT but cooler so keep watch for it guys



scroll down on the featured tab for like 52 projects and you will see it!

A complete guide through the forum through links!

Congrats man on the feature it's really a cool game


That's really kind of her to do that since you deleted your feature :3333


Irk it is like soooooo BOSS!


SOOO boss bro ;3
XD lol


I self nominate my Cactus project for rising! :DD

My Hopscotch username is EnchantedHopscptcher. c:

It took me FOREVER to get the turn right. I remember struggling on the phone a month or two ago, and I got so fustrated, that I wanted to stomp, but I was in the hotel room. After finishing it yesterday, it only took me about 30 minutes.

The blocks kept lagging and stuff, so I had to fix that too. It's a cactus in the sunset. I want to know when ur updating rising! c:

It's made with the newest update and on phone! c:

Here is the link:

I hope you consider it! :D

@Liza @Rodrigo @Meg @team lol


Getting started on my next game will be similar to DOT So get ready and watch out for it Bc I plan to have it out by next Monday


Hi @DA-BEASTY, dunno how to fix it, maybe a bring to front block for the volcanoes, but I'm sick and tired of reposting Lava Route, but thanks.


Do you think I should repost it fixing the mistake?


Omigosh! Omigosh! I'm on featured! Featured! This is my first feature and a jam over the moon right now! Thank you so much.



Congrats! :D


Thank you so much!


I nominate "Game website!!!!!!!!" By @thebestest It's a good project that should really get featured!


gI second that nomination! as u can see, EnchantedHopscotcher (her hs name), worked really hard on this project, and you don't update rising a lot anymore, so here is one worthy to start back rising on its track!
@EnchantedAnimallover go back on docs because I have something really important to tell you leaders it's ok, we already know each other in real life so it's okay


Thanks so much! XD

But remember, you should always like the post when you second nominate something. :DD