Nominations for Featured!


The ultimate swagilicious poke spiffy mon awesome saucages ness club for the slick boyos :joy:


Sorry I was cringing …ahhh that was so funny


Lol :joy:
Who’ll join the club next?? :eyes: hmhmhm


Hi, I was wondering who exactly approves the nominations and who gets to decide what gets on featured


That would be the Hopscotch Curators/ The Hopscotch Team.
I think it’s just been the Hopscotch Curators lately though.


The Hopscotch Curators do all of the featuring! :smile:

You can find out more info here: Hopscotch Curators

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask here: Hopscotch Curators Q&A!


@MyPizza @SmileyAlyssa thanks! Yeah I thought so


Who’s going to make the new topic?
Hopscotch curators?
Because idk of asha is still active?
Cause if not, then Maybe I could make it?!?. Probably not tho. I’m not some leader person


Here’s an awesome trail art project by Jonathan Sholty. Although he’s not that well known on Hopscotch, it’s amazing how many projects he uploads and the high standard that they’re all at. This is my fave pixel art of his; (I’m not sure what it is, but the coding looks pretty advanced.) Thanks!


I think I saw that by someone a looooong time ago… it had already been featured… I’ll try and find it now…





Woah, that’s strange… I thought it was original! Welp, thanks for telling me. He must’ve copied all the code off that project or something, because there wasn’t a little grey tab up the top.


Yeah… there is a glitch… everyone calls it the remix glitch… it’s when they remix but the tab doesn’t show up…


It could be he is copying off old projects


I nominate this amazing amazing amazing lol project by @SuperMarioMiniGames and @JonnyGamer
It is even Game Changer worthy!


That game is amazing! The star coin on level 4 is a pain though


Kill myself
That’s soo good :joy:
Oof I third that a mile


Thank you so much! :smile:

Hehe my younger brother worked in this app for many months, and we’ve (unintentionally) published it on our 1 year anniversary of Suoer Mario Mini Games. It’s pretty splendiforous :ok_hand: It’s a real 3d/isometric super Mario adventure! :smile:

Way to go Davio!


You’re welcome! It is awesome! Definitely worth the wait.


Thanks so much! :smile:
My brother is super excited about this :smile: