Nominations For Featured?



Hey guys!!! It's CrookedCat6519 and today at 11:23 pm I released MĀRŠ to the public. It is is a really cool game on my channel (CrookedCat6519​:video_game::cat::video_game:) where you must guide a stranded astronaut through Mars and learn some info about Mars along the way. In the game YOU choose the outcome!!! I am asking for nominations if you check it out!!! If I get featured I will give a shoutout to all my nominees!!!


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I can't even find the game... Is it in the filter?


Check CrookedCat6519 and scroll down past the consume planets and you will find it.


Post it here! :D


@PopTart0219 can we close because this is a clone for NFF.
(Nominations for Feature)

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Remember to search before you post. :wink:

At the top right corner you'll see a magnifying glass. Click on that and search the key words.