Nominations for Featured (unofficial)



Continuing the discussion from Nominations for Featured!:
I think we should use this for the meantime until tht creates a new one so we can continue to nominate projects we think are worthy.
Self Nominations are allowed so, if you have done a great project and would like to show it to tht, tag @hopscotch-curators and then paste the link for your project. For example:

Then, people can reply with ‘I second lavender~waterfall’s trail art’ if they really would like to see it on featured, and after that, ‘I third lavender~waterfall’s trail art’ and so on.

Sorry if I tagged someone who doesn’t want to get tagged, but here is where we can nominate until tht make a new one.


You’re the second person I think to make this topic
Wait, lemme read this first




ohh wow i got tagged yay



Sorry, if you don’t think I should have made it we can abandon it.


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I think Liza already has a more featured projects topic, but idk


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don’t worry about it it’s okay


I remember when I was new.

I thought @Ian was a bot since he tagged me welcomeing me a day after I joined.


I really want this to get featured. It is my first good trail art and my sister and I are tied on four features, and she teases me when I can’t code something feature worthy. But I think it is feature worthy, and took me ages.


Ahh. Well, I have been in for about two months.


i feel like you’ve been here longer than me idk why


I already made this


Nope. Though I have been on hs since I was seven. I’m eleven now.


So sorry. Should we abandon?


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