Nominations for Featured: Nominating Yourself?


Hey guys!
I was reading the ongoing topic of Nominations for Featured, and noticed that a lot of people are nominating themselves. This isn’t a bad thing, but you guys are very strong thinkers and all probably think very differently about this! So, what do you think? Should people nominate themselves, or should they not be allowed to! Let me know in the comments section below! I will be replying to a TON of you, so be sure you go do that! Like this post, follow my Hopscotch account Swati_Bang, and do that commenting stuff!!!



I think they should be able to. Sure, it’s akward but what if you were a not known hopscotched and you made an AMAZING project. How would people know about it? You would have to nominate your own project


To tell the truth (this is biased, though, because I mostly nominate myself), I think it’s good, because if you make a good project, you can nominate it. I actually don’t spend a lot of time browsing other people’s projects, I just like to code.


If you have a great project that you put effort into and that you think deserves to be on featured, nominate it! We appreciate every nomination :smile:

Nominations for Featured 2!

I agree with you (whether it is @SmileyAlyssa or @Madi_Hopscotch_).


I don’t think you can nominate yourself…,


YPu can.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it


that’s 10-20 of us.


I have heard a lot of different answers! If you would like, please fill out the poll down below!

  • I think people should nominate themselves.
  • I do not think people should nominate themselves.

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After thinking about it last night, I think rather than going either way, there should be guidelines for nominating yourself. You should only be able to nominate yourself once or twice, and only if your project is really commendable, you worked hard on it, is getting really positive feedback, and maybe if other people also nominated it. What do you think about that?