Nominations for Featured: MADE ON iPHONE!



i can help and give advice if you want it to make a project different from whats already showed on featured.
My personal goals don't involve getting on Featured, but i can help you if you ask


I am working on a game atm so no but thanks for the offer


It just might.


Keyword ^^^^


Bump. Need more features made on iPhone.


Hi! @Zachyswag here! We need this thing going again @liza! I self-nominate Hopemon go alpha! Even though the next version will be way better, I still want people to know about it!

Check it out!


Anyone with me!? We need more iPhone games! That's why they made the update for iPhone in the first place!


Hi @Liza
I nominate 'Snowman!(iPhone)' by Hero Dino (myself,sorry for self-nomination)


Answers to the question
1:I don't judje my self :stuck_out_tongue:'s not that fast,it's also not slow,the hat take the longest time to load.
3.I never got featured




This is by me on an account called WeLoveMaltese

I made it on my iPhone :DD


I second this XD :D


Thank you so much!


I third this nomination.


@Liza I remember how you wanted to feature more iPhone projects, and I think this one is amazing!! It has a great design and it’s fun to play. You should feature it!! :D


Thanks, Lolly! :D


Bumping this topic! :smiley:




Bumping this topic! :smiley:


I still think this should be featured XP :D


It probably won’t get featured, but thanks for nominating it! :D


No problem! I loved that game (^-^)