Nominations for Featured: MADE ON iPHONE!



Hey, @SmileyAlyssa. I was bored.. And BAM. It pops into my mind.
Wanna make a Vida La Vida music project?
Since, well.. Your the only one I know who knows it (I think) besides JC.


Sure! I actually started making one a while ago, but I only know the boring Viola part. Do you want to talk about it more over lunch?


I'll ask Miss Simmons for the Violin part. It would sound amazing!


Okay! This will be so cool! :smile:


oh. my. thank.


i opened hopscotch wondering why i got so many likes XD


Amazing, right? I knew you would freak XD


PS:my first 2016 feature! my feature streak continues!


Yay! :DD
I hope I get featured, too!


Does anyone like one of my projects? YSA Creations or KawaiiLover


I made this one today omg it was SOOOO frustrating!!!!!! Plz don't cause me more pain (jk)
Also I made this on JAN Studios so I'm kinda not nominating myself


Okay. So I know this is a simple project. I was doing a coding compitition with my brother and we had to code a Minecraft pig! I made a pixel art on my IPHONE! It took about an hour because it was really hard to delete all of the mistakes that I made. I would really appreciate it if it went on featured. I know it's a long shot, but thanks!


This is very simple, but trust me it's harder than you might think.
IPhone Rainbow! Made by Smiling Sunshine


Like yours? @Maltese,


omg :0


Hola. Buenos dias. Como Estas?




Fine thenks you very much :3


k then :0010100101101010


I nominate myself! @PurpleStorybook
My recent project, HS Bucket List has been done by lots of people x3
I nominate for either featured or trending! I know we're not really supposed to nominate ourselves but... meh


Cool project! :DD

wait a second reads username


Welcome to the forum. None of us are okay. Don't expect anything normal. >:D