Nominations for Featured: MADE ON iPHONE!



The only way I could code is on my dads phone. I have a phone, but its Samsung. My dad has an iPhone 5 and I wish it was bigger :pensive:


What about my Value Spike or "Shaded Circle?"?
Shaded? :


This was not made on an iPhone, but I think it is super cool and at least deserves a rising! By SA Creations


Uh...update it from the app store on your iPad XD


That could single out people.
Hopscotch is for everyone :wink:


:o it's so beautiful!


Well i have a school ipad and the update hasent gon through yet so i cant update it yet


Go to the App Store, then find the updates tab, and check if Hopscotch says Update


I updated it by deleting the app and redownloaded it but thanks anywhays!!


I noticed you featured a project on iPhone made by @Rodrigo. Nice! :D


It's racist and isn't made on iPhone-
But it's cute. I like it.


I just realized the pun...


Omg that is soooooooo funny


It's not being racist. It's just stating that that one specific Ms.Chief is African.




I nominate this! By @SmileyAlyssa


I have got an idea. Maybe for the projects made on the iPhone if you turn your iPad vertically, It looks normal.


Thank you so much for featuring my iPhone drawing pad!
Thank you @Kawaii_Lover for nominating it! :smile:


YAY @hopscotch_king!!!!
(Your Justanotherhopscotcher, right?)
Wait just looked at your BIO. You are.


I nominate IPhone art,YES! by Adin_Skate
He hasn't been featured, and his iPhone art is cool! :smile:

Maybe rising?