Nominations for Featured: MADE ON iPHONE!



What do you mean by "The African"?

And it isn't even made on iPhone?!


You can nominate. Just nominate projects made on iPhones!


Naming characters thing. Also, @PercyJackson9, it's a girl, and it already has a name: Miss Chief.


How can you tell if they are made on Iphones?


Wait NVM just saw it


Yes, but "African"? It doesn't fel like you should name the characters depending on where they appear to come from?



True, sexist. Anyway, Gorilla could be
The Purple Jungle Animal
if that was true.


And I just saw you Feature projects!


Here is a star background I just made on the iPhone.


How do I see when a project is maked on an iPhone?


Go onto an iPhone and download the iPhone app.


I don't have an iphone


I'm going to start making more projects from the iPhone! I can't wait until school gets out so I can actually start them!


Me too! It's gonna be weird…

And thanks for the likes again XD


That was not an invite to carry on XD

I cannae keep up!!!

Le gah!


This is a fun one! (Got to the second one on rising to find it)

By; seawolfwerehorse!


I don't know yet!
I'll research the best I can.



It's racist!

But yet it's an awesome project~


heya. i made this on iphone. you can jump one more time after jumping on the platforms!


My cool BG maybe? Code is simple, but it's hard to code on an iPhone >.<