Nominations for Featured: MADE ON iPHONE!



Hey Hops!

The Nominations for Featured topic has been SO awesome. We've featured a ton of really amazing projects nominated here. Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Let's use this new topic to nominate projects that were made on iPhone! When someone new joins Hopscotch on their phone, it's important that they can find fun things that work well for their screen.

Can you help us by nominating projects made on iPhone here? Games, art, animations, draw pads, movies, anything!*

Add the username, name and project link to this thread. (You can find the link by looking at the project card, and tapping the thing that looks kinda like an outline this: :outbox_tray: (next to the heart).

Agree with someone else's nomination? Like it! And don't forget: simply because something is nominated doesn't mean it will get featured. We'll check this daily to consider your recommendations!!

You can tell something was made on the iPhone because it plays vertically in Hopscotch on your iPad, like this:

And when you open it up, it looks (a little confusingly) like this:


  • Some things we look for when deciding what to feature: 1) Is the screenshot inviting? Is it pretty? Does it look well-made? 2) Does the project take a long time to load? 3) Has this person been featured recently?

The ultimate guide to getting featured!
The quest to get on featured! (The ultimate guide)

I can't nominate for I can't get hopscotch on my phone! It's a android:(


Um how about this one I made;


I dont have the update liza


This is so cool! I can't wait to see some awesome iPhone projects on featured!


What do i do?:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I Don't Have The IPhone Version But If I Did I Would Probably Nominate A Project Immediately!


This one wasn't made on an iPhone, but it helps a lot with math. I suggest you check it out:
2D Sandbox by Quantum9


Oh no!
I ran out of likes!



I don't have a phone, but as soon as I get one, HS is going to be the first app I download! :smile:


Got it! I'll go and make some things in the iPhone app!


Great idea Liza! Here's a like because I'm out (again)


This is an awesome idea!

QUESTION: What about a forum specifically made for iPhone users?


No need, I use the forum mostly on my iPhone... No problems


Here's a...
Wait for it...


XD I dunno. I can't tell the difference between IPad projects and IPhone


They're different in shape usually…

Also could we have a grid on the iPhone please?


Well, I meant fro people who use the iPhone version of Hopscotch, because they don't have an iPad. That way, they may be able to get more help


There is. Click the little eye next to Play to see it :grinning:.


But you can already go on tee forum on an iPhone... I do that


Really? Thanks!!!!! I was wondering how characters are positioned…