Nominations For Featured In HS!(How could it work, how could it be implemented?)


So each, another idea topic yay…:yum:
This time, I am going to talk about this idea I got a few days ago recognizing that nominations for featured is pretty close to 10,000 posts. Then I thought, what if we could just nominate projects inside HS?
How would it work?
So, looking at the area around the project, what Icam going to call, the project description, where you can like it, see how many views, etc. There is some blank space under the like and export buttons. Under there you could put a “Nominate” button. This would send the request to feature it to THT.
How could it be implemented?
So, I ran over several problems with this idea. The first being, you can nominate as many projects as you would want, which would just be spa.mming THT. So how about a limit of 1 or 2 projects per 2 day period? Just to keep it from spa.mming. The second being, people can nominate remixes and other things that haven’t really been coded by that person. Sadly, I couldn’t find a solution to this, but maybe a Regular like system. Except I think a good name would be “Nominater”.You get 5 chances to nominate good projects, if at least 4/5 of the projects are of quality(aka not remixes) you can get the ability to nominate them. But if you fail THT could put a limit of the amount you can nominate in a certain time period, until they would allow you to take the test again. Being inactive on HS makes you lose “Nominater”.
Maybe “Nominater” could be displayed under your name on your HS profile, like a custom name in the forum.

Feel free to share your opinions!

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:+1:ok then. Actually this nomination thing in HS could be way better than in forums


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I never run out of likes anymore XD


This is a really good Idea!
Maybe those rules could be changed a bit, but it’s still really good!


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I think it would be nice for people that don’t have access to the forum to be able to nominate projects

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Hm… @hopscotch-curators what do you think about this idea?


That’s alright.


I really like this idea. I’ve always thought that Forum members have slightly more privileges than App users :slight_smile:



tht has a way of checking if a project is a remix

the problem is, what if its a good remix?


I’m not sure if I would like this feature. There is a lot more Hopscotchers on the app than on the forum, there would just be a lot of projects that we would have to go through everyday. I’m just not sure that if it would be helpful overall. Also, finding projects isn’t really a problem for me at all; I wouldn’t necessarily need more nominations. I understand that some Hopscotchers may want their project to be noticed, and I think the forum is a great place for that. :upside_down_face:
@Madi_Hopscotch_, what do you think?


I agree, also it might be confusing for new Hopscotchers to understand this concept, although it is a neat idea! Even though not everyone on Hopscotch uses the forum, it is still a great place to nominate projects so please nominate if you find something feature-worthy! :smiley:


Well, if this is implanted, there will be a lot more drawings on Featured, and popular Hopscotchers who have more views will get more nominations, thereby getting even more Features.


its a great idea but then there would be like a new project on featured like every minute though and probably only drawing like you could make it so that only coded stuff could be on idk though


Just want to say ducks12 I just want to say (I am REALLY trying not to be rude so if you think it is I am sorry) but I wanted just tell you that with the nomination button we wouldn’t be able to feature projects we would be able to send a nomination for a project to the hopscotch team, that doesn’t mean it is going to be featured Just wanted to make that clear just in case you didn’t understand :wink: @ducks12


That’s actually a really good point that I hadn’t thought of.


oh ok I understand now thanks and also you weren’t being rude so no need to worry thank you!