Nominations for Featured! (backup)


Continuing the discussion from Nominations for Featured!:

I guess this is the new nominations for featured. Please be kind and also, don’t nominate your projects twice :open_mouth: And please don’t beg for featured :ok_hand:

Oof, coolio bananas, have fun nominating :joy:
@OMTL, get nominating


Superbulous topic! I think there’s already a “more” nominations made by Liza, hmm idk


Well here we go
@hopscotch-curators hey what do you think?


That was for projects that were from new users


I think hopscotch-curators should make the sequel… though ok


I do to @DMF @BlastFusion


This is a great backup topic and I guess that it will be the official one for now.


I’m not sure…blast fusion doesn’t even use hopscotch anymore why was he the one to make this topic?


Aaaah, ok :ok_hand:


wait can i nominate something rn?


I think we should let someone from THT make Nominations for Featured 2.0.

Just so everyone knows about it and can use it!!


If THT needs volunteers I’d be happy to help!


Same lol… I’d love to help THT


How long have you been on hopscotch?


Nearly 2 years lol
(2 years in June)

And 2 features and a starter project


I’ve been on since February 2015 (on my B-day my uncle showed me the app and I’ve been on since!)


I’ve been in 3 acounts total


Oh, ok cool!
At school hopscotch was on all of the school iPads and I wondered what it was… I went into it and instantly fell in love with it


Just the one… Lol hehe


It’s great to know there are still experienced coders on here…most of them left