Nominations for Featured 2!



I 1000000000000000000000000000000000000th your PewDiePie vs T-Series trail/shape art


I did a globgobgabgalab vid on TikTok.


I third. Save YouTube!!!


I like your “Doing my Part” project, but I don’t think we should spread “save Pewdiepie”-ish projects, because Hopscotch is Hopscotch, and that YouTube “war” isn’t related to it. And yes, YouTube won’t die if T-Series becomes #1. Sorry, just telling my opinion :00


Someone else nominated that.
Case closed.



Case closed.


I solemnly disagree about this being game. Sorry, I can’t second/whatever this.


Do you have any feed back for me? To you know, make it BETTER?

Also @XAMANION, if your going to say something bad about my game, tell me what is bad about it so I can fix it. I do not appreciate you telling me and others that you disagree with the game being featured and not tell us why. It is not fair to me and all the others you do this to. So please, if you “solemnly disagree” with the game be featured at least tell us why. Also, your opinion does not matter as much because SmileyAlyssa even liked my game.


I second this!

Feed back would be to try values. I think they’d come in handy, a lot. Seriously, they’re like the most useful code thing I’ve ever used, and they’re not too complex.
For example, you could use them to make the text/paper only move down once.


I’d delete this but oops I ran out of deletes


¬ø¬ yøu gu¥ß å®e ƒigh†ing ø√e® nø†hing


I’d delete this but I ran out of deletes lol


i know right tis rlly funny for me to watch tbh


Yeah the color argument was actually sorta funny.
no offense to those in it


Lol yeah.
And y’all should prob GBOT now


huh wat does

mean? im rlly çonfused


yeah thought they was gunna say somat like dat


@Grizzlyzoe 's art got featured, her owl drawing


There, the post has been deleted. Are y’all happy now?