Nominations for Featured 2!



It is on Featured now, so congratulations @tankt2016!




I nominate this for featured!


I believe it was already featured, wasn’t it?


It was?
ima go look, but it is on rising rn so…
Edit: didn’t see it on featured


A ok, but can it be on rising and then featured? @tankt2016


Yeah, I think that’s what normally happens with featured projects, they start on rising and go to featured…


Also yes, the car maker project was featured, like 1 or 2 years ago tho


Oh oki, hm it’s only 25 weeks old though.


probs republished it


Not normally, if we put it on rising it stays on rising and if we feature it then it stays on featured.


24 hour recap:


I also nominate this for featured! :clap: MAKE :clap: IT :clap: HAPPEN! :clap: :joy:


I second the first one!


You mean you 8th that one?


I eight it!
I love it!
The logos…


I 9th it (or whatever th it)

Fearless tenths (or whatever number that would be)


Your numbering is correct.
btw just in case anyone is wondering (that’d be nobody), I made that in one object :slight_smile:


And I 11th it!


I made the entire menu with upgrades from Twisty Arrow with one object lol