Nominations for Featured 2!



I totally nominate it!


I third it, it’s so fun and a cool concept!


Why was I tagged?
Not that I don’t like being tagged, I just don’t see any omtl or pomtl


I second/third/fourth


I (Whatever this is fourth fifth) it!


fourth* (forth means onward)

I can’t really fifth that, only because you can’t draw on the card (which means you can’t sign it)


Yeah I might try to find a way to let the person draw on the card if I make a 2.0 version


I can remix it for you and give you a create clone times x and a destroy block or you can use my copyable blocks 0.5 project. That would let you instantly draw a square of that size with only leave a trail


Thanks for offering, but you don’t have to,


Okay sorry for getting another version of that valentine maker project but I added some sound effects


like dis


ummmmmm watt??? confused


Idk how many times this has been seconded or thirded or whatever, but I second it again!


Is this the 3rd time I’ve Thirded this project? Anyways I’ll do it again


Well I keep getting new versions lol but this is the final one for at least the month XD


Save YouTube. Let this be featured.

Plus it’s a cool project. With a lot of meaning. Not that I watch Pewdiepie, though music corporations cannot rule YouTube.


Just like the Crab Rave, a great YouTube meme of 2018


Indeed. Rip 2018…


I second this sksksksksksksksk


I third!
My cats fourth and fifth!