Nominations for Featured 2!



Hello! To find out what I can do, type @swca display help


oof thats pretty sad :frowning:


Do the bot thing on your GT if you wish, let’s keep this on topic


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Got the finished version
Okay updated it so I removed the link


I second this!


i third this nomination


I fourth.

Fearless fifths.

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is it just me or does everyones post have to have 20 characters


Not just you <this rule is used to get that twenty>


Why can I not draw on the card? (You should also probably have the Draw tool on by default)


huh im confused by this


yeah i had the same issue


Yeah that’s the one flaw but idk how to get it so you can draw on top of any of the objects… I mean, the cursor goes on top of the card but not the trail…


When (object is pressed) {

create a clone


When (object is clones) {

set position x(LAST TOUCH X) y(LAST TOUCH Y)
Set color (red)
Set size % (however_big_you_want_the_‘trail’_size_to_be)




That should work.
Idk haven’t tested, that’s just off the top of my head.


If you can’t draw on the card, what is the point?

Use a Code Like This:

When Total Clones < 256

⁣ ⁣ Create a Clone

When Clone is Created

⁣ ⁣ Set Position (X+(Clone_Index*2), Y)


tysm guys for my 5th feature! i really appricate it! chec ma acc for shoutouts! i really appricate all the support


This will create many more clones than necessary which will cause lag. Only have the original object create clones by checking if self clone index = 1. This will also require you to draw slowly.


I have something to do @hopscotch-curators
This is a great game and it deserves to be Featured