Nominations for Featured 2!



Indeed (I also had Trending #1 before that :D)




yeah lol, your drawing pad is god lol im not thhe best coder



Will the community uproar madly if I say this needs a lot more work? Cause it does…


Another nomination!

If there’s any bugs plz don’t make it featured @hopscotch-curators!
I have a version which fixed a few bugs @hopscotch-curators!


I’ll prefer to fix them


This is so fun!!


I like the concept, and the character looks cool. But, can you change the controls? Either I’m trash at the game or you need to work around Hopscotch only accepting one touch input at a time. It’s hard to jump and move for sure… maybe like make the movement if you press either side of the screen and jump when you double tap… idk


I nominate this:


I LOVE THIS!! it is so cool. But there is one bug that I found. The how to play doesn’t work for me and I am confused.


Try jumping on it. .


I think hopscotch should add a variable like (last touch X 2) and it only works after last touch X 1


Or just fix it. It used to work — on the old webplayer.


I second!
Lol I’ll remix it for all of you


Thanks so much for the nomination!!
lol I finished it and unpublished the wips tho but whatever : )


i third the nomination



Fearless fifths


I can sixth it! Beautiful project muchas detail!


Yeah, HS can only allow one press at a time, it’s so frustrating that I had to scrap the idea of a two player HS character duel (one player idea now)

Or you can revert the webplayer version to 24, and depending on the number of object variables you have, it may work (24 supports 2+ object touch)