Nominations for Featured 2!



I second, it is pretty fun.


Can I forth my own project?


Idk I think you can lol!



Here we go with a major Drawing Pad X update with a new user tutorial, draggable windows, 20 save slots, and all that anyone needs.


I second this. It is really cool and I’ve never used a drawing pad like this one, nice job!!!


thanks, appreciate it


I third this, amazing


i 4th this, beutiful art pad


I fifth, it’s


SIXTH! It’s so amazing! The community definitely benefits from an actually well-coded art pad instead of flopping a bunch of colored circles together and draw colors.


I agree 100%

Nothing here...

Check out the NinjaPad @ ninjabeargames


Link me (provide link please)


can i do it off of computer? safari off of my ipad is glitcghed so friggin hardd


yes I just want to see the link to that


okey dokey it might take a minute



it looks better on ipad :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah but I am more interested in features and GUI, the more the better the art pad probably looks

It’s better than most art pads, but you can’t manage the dock and there are no stickers or shapes

If I were to rate it from 1 to 10, one being used only the draw like a pen block and 10 being super good and usable, I’d give it a 9

My Drawing Pad X has everything you might need, except a few variations of stickers and draggable shapes


yeah, stickers werent really popular when i made it


why do some of my post need approval and others dont?