Nominations for Featured 2!



I second this
This is amazing.
Really amazing.
Mind Blown amazing


I kinda agree with @Hopscotcher
Maybe you could add

  • different colors and widths for the chalk
    Different color for the blackboard


Yes! Then it would be like a chalkboard art pad!


It’s a cool game, but you have to swipe to make it draw a line that’s tiny…
Maybe make that smoother, like on a drawing pad, and add colors and an eraser?




Great job on the feature @Stal98!


Thanks for the feature, Hopscotch!!!



You deserve it! Your game was great!


I need some help making an eraser I tried but it doesn’t work


Since the color of the chalkboard is black, all you need to do is have something that you can tap to change the drawing color to black. : )


Thanks I’ll do that in version 2


How do I make the width thicker I tried putting when width clicked set width to 30
But since it doesn’t work. Also I managed to make an eraser but it erased the black ground so I had to draw another one.


What was the book you wrote @PandaS


Maybe you could look at a simple drawing pad’s code, that would really help.


For width increaser/decreaser and smoother drawing:

Increase arrow code:
When Self is pressed (or tapped)
Increase value (Drawing width) by 1

Width Number code:
When Game Starts

Repeat forever

Set text to (the value:Drawing Width)

Decrease arrow code:
When Self is pressed (or tapped)
Increase value (Drawing width) by -1

Code for the object that draws:
When (Screen) is pressed

Repeat forever

(Optional: Set invisibility percent: __)

Draw A Trail (color: White) (width: the value Drawing Width)

Set position (Last touch X) (Last touch Y)

For eraser (for a blackboard):

Drag out an object to use as the eraser. I’m just going to make it a rectangle in this code. You might need to change its size and color.

I’ll also add code for another rectangle (Rectangle 2) that changes the color back to white.

Code for the object that draws (not the rectangle):

When Rectangle is tapped
Set trail color to Black (the same black as the blackboard)

When Rectangle 2 is tapped
Set trail color to White

I think the Set Trail Color block works…


Thanks so much! In version 2 you can change colours but there’s a bug where you can only click each colour once

Year Of Code — tankt2016’s second GT

But if u play u can only click one colour in the whole game!!! @tankt2016


It doesn’t work because every time I swipe left or right or up or down, it will always set the colour and width the same.


I might self-nominate my upcoming project because of the amount of effort I put in it, and 'cause it sounds cool :sunglasses:


I love your baking projects @PandaS