Nominations for Featured 2!



Hi @Madi_Hopscotch_ and @SmileyAlyssa I have a game you should feature. It’s called don’t tap the emoji by @UnicornRainbow it’s really fun here it is:


Hey @PandaS here is how to get the link:

Click the little download button down the bottom

It will ask you for your birth year.

Once you enter ur birth year click copy.

Then click paste.


Oh thank you! That helps!


Huh. Looks interesting. It’s not an original idea but it is coded well and also is hard to code. I second this.


Third it


Honestly, I don’t really think it’s that feature worthy. It isn’t that player interactive and I’ve seen hundreds of other projects just like this. I’m not trying to be mean, but it really isn’t feature worthy from my perspective.


A featured project that talks about featured and to nominate other projects to be featured! Hmmmm…




Wait, you’re PixelPOP?! How did I not realize this?


I nominate

By @CoderOfMagic
Because it’s very well made and she deserves it : )


yeah haha

I was planning to keep it secret for a while

but I guess everyone knows now olo


I’m still waiting on bear’s secret 3


I know I just got one but I feel like this one kinda has to since new years is on Tuesday

Here’s the embedded thing in case you didn’t feel like clicking the link:

Here is a link to some screenshots of code stitched together:



Hey everyone take a squizz at this

I hope this gets featured…


2nd it!


I nominate this project for featured.


That needs a featured @Stal98.
@Madi_Hopscotch_ @SmileyAlyssa @hopscotch-curators


It’s a great game!
But the only thing I don’t get is why it’s titled Build A Hut when you chop wood, create a fire, then plant/cook potatoes. I was sorta expecting designing a house or log cabin, but it’s still awesome!


Is that 4th? Well I nth it!


I don’t want to be mean, but it doesn’t have very much code in it… sorry if you take this as offensive.