Nominations for Featured 2!



That’s also why I like it! Lol.
Congrats on the featured


Cool emoji-texture and game, so I will put this here – someone else said please feature this on the app (that is how I found it)


I nominate:

Cool project!


I second it!
It’s a unique tapper game


I nominate! Survival Game By iH.A.M.S.T.E,R 2018


You’re welcome lol
Second that


I hope it gets featured


Idk why, but I really want to self-nominate my Green Day Mashup project, but I don’t think it’s feature worthy…


Tbh 2/3 of the projects I’ve been featured on were old ones that I bug fixed and polished


Thank you! Congrats on your snowman.


Fortune :crystal_ball:: 92%

jk I made that up


I think you should. It’s a good project, and what’s the harm in not getting the feature?


Ok, here it is…
My self-nomination

@SmileyAlyssa @Madi_Hopscotch_


thanks for the feature!

also funky63 liked my project :D yee


I third it!


I second it. The soundtrack is really nice


I didn’t think many people would like it… lol


I nominate

By @CoderOfMagic
For its nice pixel art and helpful guide about featured!


Hehe sorry for the self nominition but here’s a project I just published.

Baking: Scottish Shortbread by Panda Studios

Project about how-to bake Scottish shortbread—based off a family recipe!— and I worked hard to code it well.


Ugh how do you get the link??