Nominations for Featured 2!



I love this. Could you get this featured?


second 'cause why not


i nominate this pixel art by @sophia71205. it is simply awesome.


I third
Cause why not




I nominate

By @CoderOfMagic


Lol I second


Stuck in filter but can you consider it and release it from the filter? @hopscotch-curators @Ana


Thanks for my 15th featured project, @tankt2016 and hopscotch-curators!
I don’t think it is a well-deserved feature, though.


It deserves it! The trail art is so neat, and I love the colors!


I nominate

It’s very well done and has music, a background, lyrics… it’s just very great!


I don’t think they are taking nominations today but looks good from thumbnail


Yeah it’s by Sofi
She did well


It said the trigger word was “trigger” but I didn’t see that word anywhere in the project… weird. Sorry for the delayed response, we can unban it for you!


Awe. Thank you. Now, you just make a project so people can nominate it like a dozen times.


Congrats on feature, @sophia71205! I love that project.


Thank you. And once again, congratulations on yours because it probably is so much more complex than mine.


Congratulations on your feature @sophia71205!
I can’t do pixel art well lol.
It was very good!


Thank you!

If I have to tell something this again…pixel art isn’t hard. That’s why I like it because a lot of repetitive (aka copied and pasted) code can look really nice. XD


Variable name, rip lol