Nominations for Featured 2!



I totally nominate… (search dodge 2 v4)

It definitely pushes what you can make on HS! If that was the first project you saw on HS, you would think that it was for adults!



The link doesn’t work when I open it


Hmm, very odd. The link also wouldn’t onebox.


I would Like My Tapper Emoji to Be Featured :grinning:

Thanks xxx


Fourth it!


I nominate

By @SarcasticTvHead


I nominate by @CTS!


I second this pixel art!
It looks snazzy


I third it. It’s got a nice look :slightly_smiling_face:

UnicornRainbow xxx


I nominate this …

YAY! UnicornRainbow xxx


I second

You don’t need to put that, everybody knows it’s from you and it’s a violation of community guidelines I think


Oh… Sorry HSF. Didn’t mean too. I was just being friendly… :confused:


i nominate

the trail art is fascinating


I second. It’s lovely and pretty


Thanks for featured!


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@SarcasticTvHead congrats on the feature! It looks awesome! Oh and thanks again for giving me credit on the pixels!


Thank you! I just love the pixels, I’ll probably use them for the next pixel art I do again


Well Done! It’s so pretty and gorgeous. I’m glad you got it!


nominate cause why not