Nominations for Featured 2!



That’s a great birthday gift!
@BlackSeal must appreciate it!


i hope this gets featured


You should 6th it then I guess.


oh, i 6th it

6 nominations should be enough


I could log on to my brother’s account and 7th it.


I 7th it!


Lol that totally wasn’t me


Can I nominate this project?


Yeah you can nominate it.
A link would be better than a pic tho


Here, let me grab a link for that, so people can see the project. : )
You’re one of the people on Hopscotch that actually codes, and I like that!


I eighth it
Oof this is going to be featured by now


I nominate these projects…

:musical_score:Ukulele 3 tap by Kim games

Particle Draw! My MemeKiller69

Berry Maker! v.2 by MewTwoCreator

The First because it encourages remixes, the second one is an amazing fade emoji pad, you have to play the project, and the third is very cool, and a creative game!


How do you actually get that link…


I also had that thought… @CoderOfMagic


About which project lol?


When you go into Hopscotch, you’ll see projects. Right next to the like button is a box with an arrow pointing up on it. Tap that icon, then you’ll have to enter a year between 1900 and 2000. Then something will pop up with options in it, and you’ll tap the icon that says “Copy” to copy the link. Then you paste the link in your post.


I nominate Maze Maker 2.0 by FlufPufff2

Minecraft V2.1.1 by Minecraftr2004

The first because it’s really entertaining, the second because it’s pretty hard to make Minecraft on Hs. Both of these coders deserve a feature!


Ha I haven’t nominated anything in a while


Second it


Third it!
It’s very unique!