Nominations for Featured 2!



This game is amazing and makes me go W0W
Galaxy Creator! By PoThePanda​:confounded::fist_left:t6::panda_face:

Why it should be on featured

  1. Great transitions through options
  2. The planets move at different speed!
  3. A lot of remixes will occur!


They need to promote the subscription.


Ay any of my stuff there?


You should argue your way for it. You put the effort in your project, and it’s totally unfair for it to be lost in a tick by something that is nonetheless bland and not inspiring in any way, with no creativity or code suggesting it to be innovative. Images are copied off the internet with no reference, no bibliography, and chunked together with several tap rules (intelligible by 2 year-olds), without any creativity. At least in mine, I spent three months or something organising scenes and creating my own Pokemon.

You put effort; you deserve a reward. I hope you get your projects back.


Your parkour game is on game changers but not your pokemon game…


Well at least it’s still there… for now.


It better stay, its amazing honestly


I’m greedy I need more


Can somebody tell me how to turn emails off from here? I need out, I’m getting lots of emails. It has been a year and they started popping up… I need freedom.


Go to the “Preferences” section of your profile, tap “Emails”, turn everything off, and tap “Save Changes”.


I cam out with a second version of my game:

I made it easier to shoot and I added a shooting animation.


We do feature art, but usually trail art or pixel art that are more complex. If a user had a subscription and drew something in a project, we may consider featuring that too. Otherwise, we don’t usually feature art just drawn on another users drawing pad. However, if someone created a complex, innovative art pad (art pads are common, so it would have to have a completely new feature), and then drew something on that, we might feature the project!


Okay, thank you for clarifying!


Great, now to draw something on that :0 but what to draw?


I self nominate this project of mine:


I second that Feature


I third that feature!


I am going to assume you fixed the problem?
4th y not


I self-nominate this for featured even though 1) it’s not likely to get on featured because the original version is like 163 weeks old and I only made a few changes in this version and 2) it’s mot even around St. Patrick’s Day, but whatever.


That’s featured worthy. It doesn’t use images, and you have obviously thought out the code through an analytical process. That, is the ability of a true coder :)