Nominations for Featured 2!



Well, gosh darn it XD


You should be a supportive father and third his nomination. Start to atone for you unthinkable crime


I third this nomination, Tim needs it. I’ve been a bad father XD


I fourth!


I nominate Mushroom HSers by @CTS


Second that
It’s so good :slight_smile:


Wait, the word lags is in the HS word filter? (3rd that)


Thanks for the nomination. I just joined the forum and realized who nominated my first featured. It was based off of The Real Funky 63’s Rush Hour, but I gave him credit for the idea and some of the code and made some of the game with my own code. Again, Thanks


oh uh np i guess i never saw the one made by the real funky 63 so when people started saying stuff i got confused


That’s ok :slight_smile:


I’m back with more nominations!
First a new self nomination (different version of Turkey Tapper)

And now for nominations.

For its creativity. It’s not much but I enjoyed it!

It is also creative and I think it is a good topic

It’s very fun and I think it should be featured


I nominate this for featured!


I would nominate projects for featured, but can’t since I have not been on Hopscotch in a long time…


Ok, that’s ok. You can at least second third fourth etc… things you like, so you can still help nominate I guess


Yay, psk was featured :smiley:


Thank you for all of your nominations, @MewtwoCreator! They have been very helpful! :smile:


Thank you! I just wanna help support people and show projects that should be featured :slight_smile:


@hopscotch-curators, just wondering, do y’all consider featuring art? If so, what content would you be looking for?


Ok here’s another list of games to feature!
I nominate:

I’ll nominate more as I see them :slight_smile:


I’m nominating

by @TheCMStudios.