Nominations for Featured 2!



I self-nominate the version 2 of my game Turkey Tapper

And nominate the following (also please take my art pad as a self nomination)

(I think they deserve it, it would make their day)

(It looks well made)

(Or at least make it a starter project, but they make good projects)

(Nice thumbnail and very neat prginazation)

I hope you take these into account and for the others, I hope you agree with me.


I second the video player template made by @William04GamerA


I nominate this for featured. I saw it, and it was very good! Plus, I think it would make their day too


I second that nomination


I seventh it! That game is addicting…


Thank you so much for the nomination @MewtwoCreator and @FearlessPhoenix. I’m not too sure if the project is feature worthy, but I thank you for nominating it, at least!


I third this nomination! It’s sooooooo good!


I fourth it
It’s very well done


I fourth that! That is awesome…


lol why’d u poke me to this topic


I fifth that

I fifth that I fifth that I fifth that I fifth that I fifth that I fifth that I fifth that I fifth that


Too see projects
Idk why else I would


Okay thanks ecks dee


I’d like to re-nominate Tim The Turkey because I truely believe he deserves featured.


I second that one! It looks great!


Thanks! @FearlessPhoenix and @MewtwoCreator


Your welcome :slight_smile: you deserve it


Yes. Tim does deserve it. Especially after his dad forgot his name (ahem Dylan ahem you hurt his feelings ahem ahem)


Shhh, don’t tell him


But,…, Tim already knows.