Nominations for Featured 2!



exactly i was so angry about that


The only problem is

My Project, Flight of the Turkey, has also been randomly stuck and I have no idea what caused it. @awesomeonion @Liza @Ana @Rodrigo Apologies if it is a little off the original scenario, but it was randomly stuck in the filter


I nominate…
Comic Maker! By CoderOfMagic
I worked very hard on this, and i think it meets the standards! Here are some people that I think might want to look at this game!
@Madi_Hopscotch_ @SmileyAlyssa @William04GamerA @SarcasticTvHead

Can you guys tell me your opinion?

That’s actually pretty cool.
You might wanna make it so that’s you can’t draw over the lines separating it into different comic boxes, but other than that, I think it’s a pretty good game.

I will second that nomination.


… thank you so much! Yes I am improving the game, this made my day @FearlessPhoenix!


Don’t mention it. It’s a great game :))
I’m glad to hear that :))


The New Link:

The Other Link that didn’t work:
The Link that takes you to a video I made:
The link that takes you to a video that someone else made:


Interesting. Yet even without the use of images the same thing applies.
If you have motivation you can easily make a great project using hopscotch.

I’d recommend emailing the hopscotch team with your complaint. :grinning:


Spell check gets annoying…


I created an even better website template than the one you featured.

The main project. It’s not very interesting.

This is just the basic code. It’s even less interesting.

This is an example of what you can make using this website template. It’s the most interesting. It also has some features I haven’t yet added to the other two projects.

Why is this better than my previous one:
It’s easier to use, the stage is a lot less crowded, you have way more control over where stuff goes, what it looks like, what it is etc. it also supports multiple pages, and you can link between and within them. (So for example, to go from webpage 0 to webpage 1, you’d set the links destination to 12341 and add it to webpage 0. Linking within a webpage, you add the Y value you want to link to. Linking to another webpage, you add 1234 with the ID of the webpage you want afterwards. So 123453 would go to webpage 53.) It also has more features, but those are just the basics.


I third that nomination!


Wow I fell for this link

Wats up with Rick Astley??


Thanks @William04GamerA
That made my day shine:)


I nominate these projects
(Are Art Pads ok? I have not seen a art Pad featured in a while)



Thanks! You made my day @MewtwoCreator


Your welcome :slight_smile:
Your projects deserve it


Now we wait for your project to reach featured because i saw a lot of nominations for your project


Your so kind! Thank you for saying that, you’re a great friend if we are friends I don’t know you well


It must be featured. It has to!


:slight_smile: thanks
Hopscotch is a good community for these things. You always know who’s there for you