Nominations for Featured 2!



ok, it was “replaced” by that pokemon game that @Jordan mentioned ;(


:DDDD ";( " is that bad?

#1188 i nominate this wb for featured


I second that nomination, although it shall never happen


I third this nomination :joy:


It’s the fact that I lost both of my game changers


OH. Im so sorry my friend. That pokemon game took your spot and it wasn’t deserved. Hope you get it back, thats a amazing game honestly


@FearlessPhoenix!?!?!? OMGggg couLD we tALk?!


I highly recommend this clear performance movable character:

Even looks 3d


It’s nice but I think it’s unfinished


No! Not Smooth BG Creator!

It’s one of the most useful apps in HS! It can’t be gone!


Why is this game on game changers?

It was create different with pictures, and Blast Fusion’s Pokémon Red and Blue is so much better, and doesn’t!


I nominate this by @Dylan329


Yesyesyes!!! I second the nomination!! Can I also third it?


Third that


I self- nominate this:

Enjoy! I spent a lot of time on this!


292929929112219120292010th That!


Bleh. Idk.

I most certainly don’t think it qualifies as a game changer.

All it contains is images.

This should go on game changers:

Credit to @Petrichor


@Awesome_E, I found a mistake in Smooth BG Creator. It has something to do with a typo:


The typo lies within the message on how to make the background draw faster at the end of the bg creator.


I think that that’s already featured.

Edit: Oh sorry I didn’t read the entire post :sweat_smile:

What’s wrong with using images as long as they work?