Nominations for Featured 2!



I nominate this game
It’s halloween related and it is spectacular


So this is how projects get featured?

Here, I made an okay thing. It’s not as good as some others on featured, but I like it.
You animate monkey’s face in it!


I nominate this for featured!

@FearlessPhoenix, I beat you to nominating it, though…


I was the first like tho.

I second this nomination.


I third this nomination.
Says somepersonwhototallyhasntnominatedthisalready


Thank you so much! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is a project that the app didn’t decide to break, so I was able to get it done and published


I second this nomination.

Very well design! I’m impressed!



Was the project nominated here deemed inappropriate?

I just wanted to show the community the possibilities of an entirely new method (as far as I am aware) for creating trail art.

I’m just curious why it wasn’t featured, which in of itself is fine, but if the content wasn’t appropriate, I can create something different.


I was going to feature it but because it was after Halloween I wasn’t sure if we were still allowed to feature Halloween related projects. I can ask THT, because I would love to feature it!


I think you’d still be able to feature it, but I wouldn’t really know


It’s a proof of concept I think. Not necessarily related to Halloween.


Indeed. CreationsOfaNoob is correct. I unpublished the project and republished it as “Jolly Roger”, so the title is now unrelated to Halloween. The new version and an updated version of the Trail Art Pad I created to make the trail art example are linked in this post:


Yeah you’re right, it’s not exactly related to Halloween. We’ll feature it tomorrow! :smile:


I checked the game changers tab today, why was my smooth background generator removed? Is there a limit to the max number of projects on game changers?

I also know the “Jelly Jump REMIX” was replaced, but that was because the remix no longer worked


Hmm, I’m not sure. THT is in charge of game changers, not us. Maybe it was accidentally removed?


Uhm I think theres a project that doesnt deserve to be on gamechangers


i know you cant control it but i dont think its deserved


its that pokemon game, its only images and its really simple and bland. take a look at @BlastFusion 's project

Conquistador and Huitzilopochtli


@DMF heyyyy whats up xD