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I was just gonna nominate that and then I saw your post. I wholeheartedly second that. It’s got a lot of amazing stuff in it, and you can really tell that they were trying to make an amazing project.


#boo #HHC18 I waited a week for this moment
Where’s the pumpkin? It is a falling object. (In case THT asks)


Self nomination
Should I’Ve not , nominate this on a Sunday??
I think that’s how you say it


I am back, and for as long as I can.
The project above is one which I spent about 17 hours on, due to being stuck on a plane for 14 hours there and back. Almost everything is 100% gradient. What you can’t see in the snapshot is the ghost, hiding in front of the moon. I feel this project has really taught me that gradients can make up anything.

Please second,third,forth this because if it gets featured people will remember who I am, because most have forgotten about me.
positive and negative criticism also, would be good.

Thx soooooo much


Should I’ve not posted on a Sunday


Kinda posted this ages ago, but I nominate this project.
Plz I really would like a featured.


That’s not a great reason to want featured, and it does kinda sound like you’re begging for attention. I know what it feels like to be forgotten, but still…

I will second this nomination, though. For the quality of the project, not for the statement above.


I don’t grammar


Cool game I made


You’re IsaiahRoar? I never knew…
That’s interesting

This project doesn’t seem to have a hyperlink


Self Nomination
Halloween Trivia


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Stop ruining my plan!


Why do you call it spam?


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#boo #HHC18 I waited a week for this moment
Where’s the pumpkin? It is a falling object. (In case THT asks)



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