Nominations for Featured 2!



It means Get Back On Topic.
So, now, please, GBOT.


Alright, follow me! I gotta tell you something…


Umm something out it being feature worthy? lol


I self nominate this:


I second that nomination


I nominate this:


I nominate this for featured:


I nominate @Legendary_myth’s game for featured! It is one of the best games I’ve seen in a while, and it’s very interesting. Please make another story, @Legendary_myth!


if you self nominate is it not so likely that your going to get featured?? @hopscotch-curators


Idk usually works for me lol


Since this topic is just for showing them projects which would be good on featured, there is no difference.


It’s not any different from other nominated projects! :slight_smile:


We aren’t sure why this is happening, we have been able to play them in app and on the browser before featuring them.


It’s been fixed now – I think awesomeonion or Ana explained – random people flag it after it hits featured


Omg, thanks so much for the feature @hopscotch-curators!


Ya the game you made is really cool.


Here is a cool trivia game.


I nominate SlamBounce for featured. I completely recoded my old project with a lot of effort, making it much better and actually playable! I would like to see how these types of games work out with the hopscotch community…


I second it!


I nominate SpookySpace’s project! You can really tell they put a lot of effort into it. It’s got so many options!