Nominations for Featured 2!



Cool game I found some body made.


I’m making a self nomination:


I nominate this project for featured!


Hey, check out this project made by @Funky_63_Greenland


Cool Basketball game

Please give me suggestions.


Yours is stuck in the filter

  • It does not open in Safari or Chrome
  • It will open the app
  • Others will not see it unless it is removed or the link is clicked
  • How to test if it is in filter
    1. Like the project
      - If it shows up in your favorites, you are good
      - If it does not, your project is stuck in the filter


I understand know thank you so much.


Thank you for all th suggestions.


@hopscotch-curators My Lasers in Space game is somehow stuck in the filter and is featured… how is this possible? (The link will not open in a web browser)
Could someone release it? @Ana


I’ll have a look. What’s the name of the project–“Lasers in Space”?


My two most recent featured projects have that too.

@ana they are bear tower defense and lakeside Jeep drive, something something that.

Some projects are hidden from view everywhere except for featured, and remixes do not show up in the remixes of my projects tab

Yah my Unlock the Phone game has that too.



Your lakeside Jeep is fine


It was fixed.

Is the bear tower defense hidden again?


I nominate @Dylan329’s pixel art because it’s awesome.


Thank you so much!


Hey @Awesome_E! I have a question for you!


You’re welcome!


Maybe you could ask Awesome_E the question somewhere else, unless it’s related to this topic. If it’s not, could you please GBOT?


Who’s GBOT!? Please not another @Hopscbot!