Nominations for Featured 2!



I second this?


Aww Thank You So much! It probs won’t get featured due to well, I’m a bad Coder lol


No your not!


Yeah, I am anyway. Congratulations on Ice Creat Shop Feature! Didn’t I tell you that would get featured and it did!


Thanks! I’m hoping my next game will to…


Thanks @hopscotch-curators!


Could you please show me the code for the boundary lines for your hover tanks game? I’m trying to do something like that.


It’s in the joystick.


You’re not a bad coder!


Aww Thanks. Ima code some more trying to get my 2nd Feature. I bet when I’m there everyone else will be on there 100th lol


No they won’t ill be on my 3rd probably. I have 3


Hmmm I have 10.


They won’t


Oh that makes sense. I will try that and give you credit


I don’t know a single hopscotcher who has that many!


I have 0 haha


That’s okay. I’m sure you’ll get one soon!


I don’t mind if I get one or not, the main thing is that I really enjoy coding!


Yeah but it does feel good when so many like your projects.


Though your notif tab gets really clogged
I stopped looking at mine lol