Nominations for Featured 2!



It’s really good.




I’m coming back here just to say this is awesome! @hopscotch-curators @pomtl

Please second


It’s really cool!
Though there are some bugs (one part stays visible)


Nice job, deserves featured


I think this deserves featured!


(Idk where to congratulate people on featured anymore lol)
@TheDrawer congrats on the feature!!


wjkaskkai!!! I haven’t been able to use HS for a few days so i didn’t even know!! tysm tankt & hopscotch curators for featuring me :’)


What’s your hs profile? I don’t see “the drawer”


It’s “myyy” lol


Oh cool! Congratulations!


thank you!!


Awesome! I really think that it deserves featured.


Note sure if this is feature worthy or not, but here is a self-nomination:

  • Feature Worthy! Should be featured!
  • Okay but should still be featured.
  • Okay but shouldn’t be featured.
  • Shouldn’t be featured.

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I second it! Your projects are amazing


Thank you so much! Your projects are awesome too! I love them!


Awesome project! We can’t feature projects for contents until the contest is over however, and THT decides the winners not us


@hopscotch-curators, you have mentioned that you cannot feature projects that are part of competitions unless the competition is over. Is this policy just implemented when the EST competiton began? The reason why I am asking is because I noticed some projects that entered the winter challenge were featured even if the challenge is not over yet.


Ditto for my black Hole sin/Cos Challenge Project.


I nominate @Gilbert189’s project for featured!!!