Nominations for Featured 2!



Thanks @Master_Alchemist! @tankt2016 Had some advice I could use to make it better though. I second.

  • A little more work, like a start screen?
  • I think it’s ready.

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I’m outta likes!


So ready. You probably could add a start screen, but it’s awesome the way it is. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m glad you like it!


The chocolate sauce was really hard, and took me a long time to code.


i fifth this!


@hopscotch-curators I just published the most recent version, which has a start screen. If you were going to feature a version, I think it should be this one. Thanks!



Any feedback is welcomed…


It’s awesome. Like the other one. But better.


Thanks! I’m really glad you like it! Want to send me a screenshot of your favorite ice cream combo?


I guess I could third it, but I think that if you were going to continue development I would suggest making it all a bit faster, using clones, and also making the answers have outlines, or be bold text, or have a rectangle behind them or something. Otherwise, it’s alright.


Thanks! I will use that feedback.


I guess I third, the concept is really good but i feel like its lacking something


i nominate this for featured

  • deserves featured
  • could be better (reply w feedback)
  • cool, but doesn’t deserve featured. maybe rising?
  • does not deserve featured

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I second!


I third!


ty :heart::pray: @tankt2016


I fourth but my feedback would be interactivity


yeah! i might make one with music or a “make a person” thing later idk aksjakej


Ye, those would take it up another level, but its dope