Nominations for Featured 2!



I would give him a 4.5 because, just answer this question: do you know to code collision physics? It is something I just learned!


I fourth :wink:
Thanks @tankt2016
(Also, somebody let me know if it’s featured, because I am not on the app much)


I don’t know anything by that name—but it sounds a little familiar. Could you explain more what it is?


Like not using when bumps for detecting collisions and using realistic physics? Do u know that?


I nominate this for featured!

CoM’s GT! Welcome! (CoM is awesome -GweTV) Thanks I’ll let myself in -mc24 Bananas are tasty and I post the word a lot. -Hopscotcher Petrichor rules all! -Tv CoM is absolutely amazing -Apricity and we love CoM -HH CoM is the best girlie -JACG

I second it!
go CoM


I third it
Because I can


I third it!
It’s pretty good!


Couple performance issues but that might just be my device. Code could’ve also been a bit more organized and efficient but it works pretty great

I fourth / fifth, whatever it’s at rn


The game is nice, I like the concept, but there are a few typos. It says “Chillana is our now!”, what does that mean (lol, I broke every rule in grammar in that sentance, oh well.) Also, maybe there should be an edit button to go back to the editing stage. Th presentation is nice, but maybe tone down the background color in the editing stage. It’s a bit too bright to match the actual color of the editor. Another note, the white lines are too thicc (I like saying that). Maybe make them thinner. That’s just me deciding I should be a little nitpicker. It definitely has featured potential with a few little changes.


Lol yeah my hand was in a cast when I write it, gotta change it with my hand fine now lol


I nominate


It’s pretty good, but not every character works. I know you are supposed to choose Chillanna, though.
And, it’s Chillanna not Chillana.

Other than that, I second it.


I nominate this, it’s pretty cool. Hard to control the guy sometimes tho


I 2nd a few bugs but pretty good!


I third this. It was really good.


I nominate this one for feature:


I second!


I third!


I fourth, it really brings out what -1 is doing to hopscotch