Nominations for Featured 2!



What if it’s more of a rising game?


this is extremely lit


@swca Dude u just got featured.


I second it for absolutely sure


I nominate this for featured.
It has good quality, it could be a bit faster, but otherwise it’s addicting and I love it!


Nevermind, it was already featured lol


thx lol u shouldve gotten it tho with ure trail art


I really like it too! Like you said, it is a bit weird because of the user that it is his/her second project, but maybe they had another account before or just knew about block coding or other types of coding from other apps and/or coding languages (like Scratch, for example)?


I feel Ruth — wait, what the heck spellcheck, I meant fourth — it!


I whatever it’s at now the trail art one.


Weird bad English. Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh I think it’s fifth but yeah ok


I nominate this for featured!


I nominate

  • Perfect! Deserves Featured!
  • Has some bugs.
  • Doesn’t deserve Featured.

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That. Looks. Extremely. Awesome.


I was about to nominate it until it notified someone else did LOL
I first second third etc it


I third this!
Wow, good job, impressive


I second this
Nice transitions


I third


Hey! idk if it’s already on Featured—but I think this project is at least Featured-worthy. The coding was exceptional and it was fun to play. I would’ve enjoyed a little more variety of obstacles—but overall I’d give it a 3.9 out of 5. (Tho I am picky, so…)