Nominations for Featured 2!



I didn’t really know how to play. Pretty cool tho!


Dont you know rainbow tower?!?




Coolmathgames? It is a website…


Never heard of it.


@Rodrik834 I think it has good promise… but it shouldn’t be on Featured yet.
It needs:

  • A homepage
  • Clear, concise intrusions on how to play it
  • More engagement; like multiple levels; avatar customization; etc

Also, I would make that poll secret so people give a more honest opinion!

How to customize a poll quick & easy!


Make it secret!


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Rodrik834’s general topic! (Lots of topicness on this topic)

Hey ya! I used to play that I think…


Yeah, I played it when my school blocked other games


Not sure if this would go in featured or rising, but I really like this project!

  • Should be on featured
  • Should be on rising

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Nice job, @hexagonalcoder


I second!


I see a few bugs, but, it’s nice.


The same as hexagon… but it’s cool


It’s different to HExagon. The thumbnails are similar, but it’s played pretty differently.


You just jump and swipe


Hmm, a project just like this got on featured a few weeks ago. This seems to be a redo of the game.


Even though that’s my own project I feel like it deserves featured.

  • It deserves Featured!
  • It doesn’t deserve featured!

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A couple things I think need to be added. 1 is the trees should cover the entire screen. 2 is that trees at the beginning are hard to tap for they are covered by other trees. 3 is to make the instructions stand out Juuuussstt a little more. It definitely has potential.


Okay I will make a version 1.1.


Really? Could I see a link? :)