Nominations for Featured 2!



Oops, that poll was formatted weirdly. Um here, just use this poll: [poll type=regular results=always]

  • Should be on rising
  • Should be on featured


Still didn’t work…


Yeah sorry bout that.


Just use this.

  • Should be on rising
  • Should be on featured

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Thanks! How did you do that btw


Just put enter between the words and the [poll]


I nominate this for featured!


I nominate this project


Definitely second this nomination. Nice concept and design. It is something new.


I third!


I eighth it (if it’s not featured lol)


Fourth it!


I will fifth my own project


Lol I saw it and I be like “Feature worthy”


Hi uh this isnt a nomination but i need some help lol, i cant publish anything on hs its rlly weird, sorry ill delete this post later :stuck_out_tongue:


Second this!


Sixth this


I self nominate

Because I worked really hard on getting it to work and I think it is feature worthy.

Here is a poll, (clicking should be featured is basically 2nding the project).

  • Should be featured
  • Shouldn’t be featured
  • I accidentally voted (whoops)

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I nominate

It’s pretty cool!

  • It’s feature worthy!
  • It’s not…

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@pomtl advice?


I second!

  • I seconded!
  • Accidentally voted

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