Nominations for Featured 2!



It glitches in the beginning
I only see rectangular shapes and it freezes


That’s a Hopscotch glitch.

Try opening and closing the project.


Did that
Now the shapes freeze.


I 6th, 7th, whatever it is lol


I 8th or 9th or whatever we are at now


I would like to 8th this


Looll that is in no way feature worthy
But thanks lol

I 10th(?) @Petrichor 's nomination of his gold rush game btw


I nominate this for featured!!


Cool! It gives me deja vu to my paradise sunset! I second


I third this! It’s really good!


Also it was seconded several other times on another topic


Lol yeah can I like 7th it now or smth?
Also I don’t know if that last quote post was supposed to be there lol


Yeah it was random XD


Thank y’all very much


Also can I 8th the sunset thing
If not whatever


I ninth it!!!


Lol you get 9 nominations and you say you won’t get featured.


I know I still am doubtful tho lol


ten would be awesome


I tenth this!