Nominations for Featured 2!



Never Mind…It was resolved


It is possible to switch directions when you are bouncing…that makes it possible to stay at the bottom forever…


Hence the note that I left there

Otherwise it is pretty good, except that they didn’t use my Smooth BG Creator ;(


It jusssst needs a little bug fixing and it could be featured…if someone could notify this coder and give him/her/them the constructive feed back listed below that would be great.

  1. Make the BG 50%-80% faster. This will make the game look well coded AND good looking on the outside in a faster amount of time.

  2. Make a platform at the bottom and top in case someone “gravity switches at the bounce sequence.

  3. Have the squares move at different speeds. This gives the game an unexpected twist to it and makes people have to think more.

  4. Give people a score/time Survived thingy. It will make something to work for (it also gets you more remixes.)

Hope this helps!?!


I definitely agree, I put it here because I saw potential. I say maybe this can go on rising? And a future version if improved can head to the main featured page


I definatly agree. Rising seems appropriate for this project for now…


noice autocorrect you got there


Yup I h8 autocoureecttt


Oh, yeah plz! The one that hasn’t a custom thumbnail plz!


I also think it should be on only rising because it doesn’t tell you your score-idk for anyone else, but that can be annoying to me. Besides that, I love the game and I think it definitely deserves to be put in a special tab.


By @FearlessPhoenix

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It says it on the bottom right in that box


Oh-oops I didn’t see that. Yeah, it’s really good!



I second


I third…


i fourth it


I fourth or fifth or whatever it


I like it, but the text kinda glitches.


Woah 61? I’ve only ever gotten that much twice. Nice job!